Friday, March 5, 2010

Kaleidoscopic Visions


Manish Arora's Fall-Winter 2010 collection was bananas. 

Like, so bananas that, if it were ever to be dipped in plaster and rolled around in apples, it would still be bananas.

It can turn apples into bananas. 

And bananas into... 



Before you click out of this blog in a huff, just hear me out: 

I know that using that term to describe anything these days is unforgivably obnoxious. 

But what other options did I really have?

Colorful? Basically skims a fingernail along the surface of this shit.

Psychedelic? A drop (of acid) in a lake.

...See? No other options.

 This collection is basically what would result from a box of assorted colors of fimo clay climbing onto a sheet of stained glass to have sex with one of those tacky bottles of layered sand that were the shit when we were younger.

If that description doesn't make you wanna get off your ass and start a fashion revolution, I don't know what will.

Enjoy the eye-candy(hallucinogens) and make sure you have a trusted friend nearby to talk you down if shit gets too real:


And tell your probation officer I'm sorry.


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