Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is it just me...

AF Vandervorst's Fall-Winter 2010

... or does this picture look like, by locking the jaw in place, they've finally found a way to ensure that all models maintain their current weight?

You know, the whole "no food shall pass these lips" approach to dieting.

(Coincidentally, that happens to be my annual motto come April/May...)

Then again, maybe I'm not giving them enough credit...

Maybe they've just had some "issues" with this particular model busting-ass on the runway, and wanted to provide her with a built-in chin guard. 

That way, should her ankles lock or feet slip, she'll not only be protected from impact, but she'll be color coordinated while executing a graceful, face-first swan dive into the floor!


... And they say the fashion industry has no heart... 


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