Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is It Just Me...


...or does this recent pic of Sarah Michelle Gellar look:

A. Like she's on her way to punk-rawk band practice (homegirl is 32 now.. feel old?)
B. Like she's on her way to a coffee house to recite poetry on the joys of being married to a lesser actor who is somehow employed while she is not.
C. Like she wants to beat a paparazzi's AZZ (did you ever hear any of the on-set gossip for Buffy? Bitch doesn't play.)
D. Absolutely perfect. Its SMG. She just had a baby, and she's looking inoffensively trendy and youthful while taking a morning walk.

...Now, remember: I'm a gay who came-of-age in the late 90's. Choose wisely.

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