Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daria esta Chola!

These are a few images from Mario Testino's photoshoot with Daria Werbowy for V magazine, in which he attempts to make the fair-skinned Canadian look like Mexican actress Maria Felix (the who?)

Don't get me wrong, these shots are great. The accessories are on-point and the model is giving it like she just got it in her hands and its too Hot-Hot-Hot to hold on to...

But... she doesn't look Mexican.

Just because you spray-tan a model's ass and hand them a big cigar doesn't mean that they've magically transformed into the second coming of Selena.

Do you know what she looks like? The wife of a Mexican politician who didn't want to marry "one of his own," so he had his men ship in a girl from some far-off (probably eastern European) place. Then, upon arriving, she decides to do everything she can to fit into the culture. That's what she looks like.

Quite beautiful, though. And as I said before, the styling is pitch-perfect for the theme, and the shots make Daria look straight out of the 70's glamour-girl era.

This Mexican approves.



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