Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In honor of the blog name: "Adored and Abhored," I should begin by showcasing the very image which first brought about these coupled terms in my head: the above jacket, from Just Cavalli's Fall-Winter 2010 Collection..

You see, I consider myself a "sideline-fashionista." A term coined by myself (as far as I know) for myself.

What it means: Essentially it is a person who, whether by lack of funds or lack of will, does not usually go out and purchase any of the sartorial items which he/she so loves to look at.

Is it sad? Yes.

Affordable? Hell yes.

In any event, here is an article of clothing which I present to you, my presumed reader.

Described by myself as: "two (or three?) sweaters looking like they're trying to consume a brown leather jacket.. while on your body."

To which a particularly ferocious, fashion-savvy friend replied: "Ew, the Ed Gein of coats..."

Soooo, Do you Adore or Abhor? Rhetorically, of course. I don't actually care what you think. (jokes!)

[photo: wireimage.com]

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