Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Condom-wrapped Chic!

This shrink-wrapped bubble of ferocity is from Armani Prive's Spring 2010 Haute Couture show.

(I admire the fact that the hairstylist for the show had the presence of mind to have the model's hairstyle mimic the shape of the garment.)

Pretty much everything about this works for me.

The shimmery fabric used for the "bubble" in which the model in encased.

The fact that the model, herself, looks like a piece of meat framed by a vacuum-sealed membrane.

The dress underneath, while obviously an afterthought, is still visible enough to be admired for what it is: chic and understated.

All in all: j'adore.

J'adore a whole lot.

[photo: wireimage.com]

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