Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Claire Danes...

... has never looked more glamorous.

Okay, I understand that this was a movie in which she played an autistic cattle-herder or whatever, but really. I can't let something this good just pass me by.

She looks like the femme-half of a middle-aged lesbian couple.

You know, the one who always has to stroke the flannel-clad back of her butchy girlfriend to calm her down when she gets frustrated over... I don't know, wall-paper peeling?

I'm not sure what pisses butch lesbians off, but I'm sure there's lots of things. Wall-paper seems like a safe bet.

The point is, Claire Danes looks hot.

And also? I'm not sure I feel comfortable with this poster giving the impression that this woman has to stitch her name onto her shirt. That's some elementary-school shit right there, and as a former elementary schooler, I'm offended, myself.

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