Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Loud and garish? Sounds good to me.



...and no, all you illiterates out there, that does not spell "pussy." Besides, if you have that on the brains, you're definitely reading the wrong blog.

Ahem, back to the start. Pucci is a name that has long been assosciated with retina-searing prints, bright splashes of neon, and impossibly short, possibly "pucci"-revealing hemlines (...see what I did there?)
However, while one may ask, "Are these things supposed to be good?" I answer "Well... they can be."

Take, for instance, Emilio Pucci's most recent Fall-Winter 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection. It may be slutty at times, and it may be a little too bold for it's own good at others, but its fun. It's fashion. 

...Oh, I'm sorry. Were you looking for some sort of deeper connection to the clothes? Cuz "fun" and "fashion" is all I got. Trust me, it should be enough.

[photos: coutorture.com]

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