Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sparkling Prints

These brilliant images illustrate the May 2010 collection, "Sparkling Grace," from textile company Vlisco.

Bear in mind that it's difficult to fashion over-the-top prints and colors such as these into anything other than cheap-looking "Fortune Teller" costumes or "South Florida retiree" garb, but that's a stylistic hurdle that the company has managed to vault right over with this collection:

They've taken loud, borderline-obnoxious prints (which could easily be confined to the world of tacky, hand-me-down quilts,) and managed to breathe new, high-end life into them through impeccable construction and chic styling.

(I mean, that model is serving it up like the health inspector's come a-knockin' on her door, yet your eye is still drawn to the dramatic movement and fluid grace of those garments.)

... You know how people sometimes say that certain fabrics seem to take on a "life of their own"?

Well, these babies were gifted with lives full of caviar, jet-setting, and zero credit-card debt.

We should all be so lucky.

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