Thursday, May 13, 2010

Amanda Fans the Flames

Here's Amanda Seyfried at the premiere of her new movie "Letters to Juliet," wearing an amazing blue-and-white Roland Mouret dress from the designer's Fall 2010 collection.

I gotta say, it looks a little less... lumpy on the model, but those colors seem to pop more on the camera-flashing red carpet.

Regardless of the question of "who wore it better," however, this really is one of the most unique and memorable movie premiere looks that I've seen in a hot minute...

It's probably because I kneel at the altar of blue, light worship candles in honor of fan details, and pretty much fold for anything vaguely resembling turbulent skies.

(I swear, it's like Roland Mouret wants me on my knees... Umm, pretend I didn't just say that. It's in parentheses, so technically I didn't... Right? Isn't that how they work?)

Anyway, Amanda looks ferocious here.

But I gotta admit: I recently passed on the opportunity to see a free screening of this movie, because it looked like it would do nothing but make me want to date a young Hollywood actor... (Which is a struggle I face every day regardless, so no, thank you!)

For some reason, though, this dress actually made me feel slightly bad about skipping it.

The Powers of Fashion:  
Making people pointlessly regret making pointless decisions to not see pointless movies.

(I just got a chill.)

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