Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Cutest Handbags You Ever Did See

If I had to use only one word to describe Celine's Spring 2010 Handbag Luggage Collection, that word would have to be "cute."

Not in the fashion sense, mind you, but rather in that - "Aww, lookit yooou, aren't you just the cutest"- sense.

Seriously, these handbags are giving me the urge to pat 'em on the back while slipping a sugar-free lollipop into their zippered pockets, they're so adorable.

And it might be my overactive imagination, but I love how each seems to have their own  distinct personality:

The Short-Tempered, Attention-Seeking One.

The One Who's On Anti-Depressants.
(cuz it's Blue... hyuk hyuk.)

The One Who Could Care Less About Personal Grooming.

"The Back-Stabber"  
(... Never Trust a Snake.) 

The One Who's Dead Behind the Eyes.

The One Who Doesn't Say Much.

The One Who Wears Loafers to the Beach.

The Who Looks Good in Anything.

... Yeah, I'll take all of them.

Perfectly arranged on my bed, they'd make a great audience for my nightly "iTunes Sing-Along" performance sessions!

( ...Well, except for the Snake. He can sit his two-faced ass in the corner.)

Also, is anyone else reminded of that ridiculously heart-warming American Express commercial?

... Just try not to crack a smile.


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