Monday, May 3, 2010

Gisele vs. Gisele

Paving the way for an international incident, here are the covers of the May issues of Vogue Korea and Vogue Mexico. 

Both feature Gisele Bundchen, both were shot by Nino Munoz, and both are military-inspired.

... I hate to be dramatic, but I am left with no other option than to consider this a declaration of war between the two nations.

Which country is likely to come out on top? 

Let's take a look:

Vogue Mexico is doing an awful lot right.

The hair is perfection, her face is flawless, and the styling is the sex.

My initial reaction left me feeling like the choice of pink font was a bit of a misstep, considering the camo-print...

But then, it totally works with the bright splashes of yellow on the romper, so as not to be completely out of left-field.

All in all, it's eye-catching, sexy, and well thought-out.

Grade: A-

Moving on to Vogue Korea, we have... uhh, who is this?

I mean, I know it's supposed to be Gisele, but it looks like the Photoshop Fairies have lifted her face right out of her Brazilian ethnicity and dropped it off somewhere in Eastern Europe. 

Let's hope it survives the trip back...

It's really a shame, too, because other than that? This cover is made of win

The styling is absolutely beautiful, the accessories were perfectly chosen, and the background color is elegant and appropriate.

(In other words, it really makes me wanna open that sucker up and take a look-see at the inside editorial.)

Grade: A-


You know, it was a close race between the two covers, but ultimately, I just couldn't decide on a winner.

It seems the "mirror-effect" that they've got going reaches all the way to their respective levels of aesthetic appeal. (At least as least as far as I'm concerned.)

So, I hereby retract both of their scores, and instead grant them with a letter-grade that will prove far more useful to each of these covers: 

The letter G.

(Take another look at both of them, and you'll see why.)

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