Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brace Yourself

That, right there, is Marilyn *Insert shudder* Manson.

And before you ask: yes, this post is going to be dedicated to the chic-drippingly glamorous style of one of rock music's most gag-inducing thought-provoking artists!

... Except not.

(Aaand, unclinch.)

You see, I posted that photo in an effort to "shock your palates," so that this next image, of supermodel Karolina Kurkova shot by Steven Miesel, might go down a little easier:

 Karolina Kurkova as Marilyn Manson

Now, I know that this image is a major credit to the transformative skills of everyone involved.

(I mean, turning a Victoria's Secret Angel into someone so thoroughly... traumatizing takes a certain amount of something or another.)

But all I can really think of?
Are the words that my brother texted me, after seeing it:


And, well, my best guess would be someone who wanted to ensure that Miss Kurkova would never again be looked upon as an object of desire by anyone unfortunate enough to lay eyes on this innocence-stealing flytrap of a shot.

So, it's kinda like a freaked-out version of "The Ring," except that after viewing this, it's only Karolina's status as a bookable model that dies.

*Belated Spoiler Alert*


  1. oh wow...i'm going to have nightmares because of that face....shudder.

  2. Ummm that is the creepiest pic EVER!!!