Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nick Cannon Gets It Right

For some reason, (because I'm a queermo) I was completely obsessed with Ring Pops as a youngster.

I thought the very idea of a brightly-colored, thumb-sized jewel was just the height of glamour and elegance, and I loved how they sparkled in the light after those first couple of licks...

Well, imagine my delight upon seeing what Nick Cannon had created for Mariah Carey as an anniversary gift:

"Mimi? ... Gimme."

It was custom-made at Jason of Beverly Hills jewelers.

The band is white gold, while the delicious candy gemstone is comprised of white diamonds and pink sapphires.

Now, I don't know about you, but I would gladly step up to the plate and face-off against Mimi's rabid ass for a taste of that stunner.

Granted, the "fight" between us would probably consist of nothing more than a drag-queentastic slap to my teeth and a Ring Pop-punch to my forehead... But at least I'd know that I tried.

(Ring Pops are nothing if not worth it.)

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