Thursday, May 20, 2010

Positively Beaming

This VMan editorial, featuring model Arthur Daniyarov shot by Sølve Sundsbø, is chock-full of intrigue, fluorescent lighting-bathed color, and some lovely, monochromatic menswear.

I must say, the concept behind these shots totally captured my imagination in a bottle and then threw a firefly inside to keep it company.

From the (perfectly-styled) model working those fluorescent tubes as if they were the most fierce of Fashion-Lightsabers, to the amazing Louis Vuitton shoes and Givenchy sandals, there's plenty of retina-candy for lovers of both fashion and performance art.

I mean, this sucker is practically begging to become an installation... 

(Even if just in my own darkened bedroom, with little-to-no press coverage.)

 The Game
Light vs. Dark 

The Playing Field: 
The Surfaces of Monochromatic Menswear Looks

The Winner:
The (Heavily-Concentrated) Forces of Light

In my opinion, of course. 

But feel free to disagree, since a strong case could definitely be made for the role that the darkness plays in elevating these looks to such a high level of Oh-My-God-I-WANTness.

I guess it ultimately depends on where you're more likely to stand in a room: 

Under the spotlight or Beneath the shadows.

(... Either way, the view from down here is beautiful.)

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