Monday, May 24, 2010

Ghost From Tyra's Past

In my semi-recent post on Top Model contenders who rocked, I featured Miss Elyse Sewell: an enchanting, willowy beauty from the first season of the show.

Well, I've since come across an editorial that she shot for SCMP STYLE magazine last year, and let me tell you:

Homegirl has not only grown up, she has reached old age, died, and come back to this earthly realm in the form of terrifyingly beautiful albino spirit.

... and Tyra? She's got your number.

"The Apparition"

Okay, these are all absolutely amazing, but I have to admit:

A couple of them?

Made me want to splash a vial of Holy Water in homegirl's face while screaming "Demon! Demon! Demon!"

I mean:

That's gonna stay with me for awhile... and not just when I'm opening the fridge to stuff my face.

"Ghosts don't eat, they survive on fear... Which tastes like celery and ice-water."

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