Monday, May 3, 2010

The 2010 Met Ball, Part Crazy

Well, now that we've gotten both the "Blahs" and the "Ooh-Ahhs" out of the way, it's time for a few mind-bendingly original looks that happened to be worn by four women whom I absolutely adore.

Or, as I like to call them...

"The Looks That Make My Life Worth Living."
(Keep in mind, there's no accounting for taste.)

Here is my Goddess of Sound, M.I.A., wearing the ever-loving shit out of a gold, chain-link gown created by Alexander Wang.

I've never seen Maya wear a garment of such (relative) elegance before, and after seeing this, my mind is left cradling a single, desperate thought:

"More, please."

She looks like a snooty, spoiled princess from a far-away land...

(And, given her poverty-stricken roots, I'd say that she pretty much nailed the "playing dress-up" aspect of formalwear.) 


Next, we have Coco Rocha wearing a billowing, green-and-blue Zac Posen gown that was inspired by storm clouds.

Okay, this is just great.

That is what we call an "inspired" look.

Intriguing and slightly foreboding, with a color combination that gives off a hint of sadness...

In other words: A "Perfect Storm" of a dress.

Now, here's a last-minute addition to the party: the lovely Jessica Stam wearing a dark purple Rachel Roy gown.

This look is a little less (how should I put this?) insane than the previous two, but the hip-hugging, neckline-plunging sex appeal, combined with the fact that homegirl is my number one model-friend, totally makes it worthy of a mention.

Her hair is old-school glam, her Bulgari jewelry is a perfect distraction from her tragic boob job, and she's pretty much just looking flawless from head-to-toe.

I know, I know... She's a model, it's her job.

But still... Credit where it's due.


And now... get ready.

Because Katy Perry? Showed up to this event with a goal in mind:

To give every other outfit in the room a slap across the face and a firm shove into the background.


 ... My...

... Holy...

... Crap.

My brain just melted and my eyes just inverted into themselves.

... Uhh, Katy?

You just won the 2010 Met Ball.

I know it wasn't a contest, but still...  

You won.


  1. how did you skip stam she was looking so good even though her new tits were trying to run away from each other

  2. omg you're RIGHT. michael and I were even talking about her right before I did these..

    (and we basically said the exact same thing as you...)

    Working on it!

  3. if stammie slapped on some dark red lipstick she'd look like a venomous snake queen or maybe channeling ursula when she had legs and wasn't a fat octopus