Monday, May 17, 2010


This appeal of this collection of creature-feature handbags by Lisa Farmer will probably be directly proportional to the appeal that insects and fish hold for you.

In my case: I adore the fish and would gladly swim through any body of water with them attached to my arm, while I abhor the insects, and would swat any of them within striking distance of my scrunched-up face.

But that's not to say that one is more well-made or impressive than the other, of course.

(I mean, these are all beautifully crafted, highly imaginative handbags that are just begging to be adopted by the fearless fashionista.)

Rather, it is merely a statement on my personal tolerance-level for the featured creatures.

Check 'Em Out:
"Aww, it's a good thing that Nemo here is faceless, otherwise I'd be pretty sad about the whole 'caught-on-the-hook' thing...
But as it stands, Reel it in!"

"Did you just feel something crawling up the back of your leg? 
... Aww, why'd you have to kill it?"

"Omigod, Fantasia-Ferociousness.
It's just too bad that leather and water don't mix, otherwise I'd have me a fabulous new swimming-buddy!"


 Like I said, these aren't for everyone, but you gotta admire the amazing level of detail and character that Lisa Farmer injected into these bad boys.

So put the lid on your bug-repellent and drop your fishin' net to the ground. Aint gonna be no creature-killin' here.

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