Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tiny Window to the Soul... or Something.

This triangular locket, from Garret Jewelry, is essentially a tiny glass window in which you can put pretty much anything on display!

Naturally, this got me thinking about the kinds of things that I would deem worthy of taking up advertising-space on my chest...

The Crap That Made the List:

1. A tablespoon of Fruity Pebbles
(For sugary snacking purposes, obv.)

2. My Pet Ladybug.
(Because, regardless of how many I lost during my childhood, the lesson never sunk in that the temperamental little guys need things like sustenance and air... Divas.)

3. Vodka
(Pssh... Like you even need to ask why.)

4. A Two-Way Mirror
(So that my chest could see you, but you couldn't see my chest... Sneaky, sneaky.)

5. A Smaller Display Case Locket 
(Just for the mind-fuck aspect of it...)


You know, I talk a big game, but if I ever actually got my hands on one of these , it would most likely just end up being filled with unfulfilled potential and empty promises.

(Wow, who knew that a piece of jewelry could be so psychologically revealing? ... Kinda creepy!)

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