Friday, June 18, 2010

Fallen Beauty

 As a child, the sight of a silk scarf floating down and through the air always struck me as one of those effortlessly beautiful and elegant events that, while incredibly insignificant, always managed to move me...

Well, someone put a penny in my jar, because designer Mungo Gurney was chosen by The Creative Archives to create some fabulous scarves, captured here in their most listless, gravity-defying state... 

Namely, falling down.

As a result, many of the shots kinda look like alien sea creatures captured in mid-stride... 

(But then, that could just be my overactive imagination dancing around with my gayness.)

Anyway, the actual scarves are prints of abstract photos of Tokyo and Las Vegas:

These shots are pretty much bursting with color and movement.

Don't you just wanna shove your face into each of them before they hit the ground and wrap their cool, soft surfaces around your head?


Okay, that really might be the most serial killer-ish thing I've ever written on this blog.

Well, it's good to surpass your own benchmarks, right? Right!

(Aaaand, answering my own rhetorical questions. Double-whammy.)

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