Friday, June 18, 2010


These ridiculous ankle boots, made up of hundreds of conjoined, flat plastic discs, were created by Italian architect Gaetano Pesce for Brazilian brand, Melissa.

Now, I don't know what kind of crack Gaetano and Melissa were smoking when they came up with this idea, but I think I know which movie was playing in the background during the pipe-hitting/brainstorming session...

Can't say I really blame them.

I mean, I know that I always enjoy watching a heart-warming family film during my crack-sessions, due to the fact that is seems to ease my conscience, in a stupid, "moral balancing act" kinda way...

(... Jokes. Crack is wack. The sky is blue...)

Seriously though, all double-you-tee-effery aside, I must withhold moral judgment here, because these shiny, plastic babies really are pretty neat:

Plus, there's the additional, interactive bonus of being able to simply snip off the discs that line the edges of the shoe, effectively creating your own, customized piece of footwear!

I think the only thing holding me back from shifting into full-on "Love Mode" for these is the absence of a plastic-disc high heel on these bad boys.

Sure, you could argue that they're better left unisex, but I mean, really:

The guy who wears these?

Is a guy who wouldn't mind a little high heel action!

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