Monday, June 21, 2010

Fashion Editorial, the 3D Remix

For the new issue of Remix magazine, photographer Garth Badger obviously felt that the barriers of two-dimensionality have been holding the fashion world back for too long...

That is why he decided to take the plunge into the third dimension by following the example set by movie theaters, comic books, and (most recently) high-definition televisions.

In other words, he's going 3D in this bitch.

Now, if you ask me, he missed a golden opportunity by skipping over the chance to slap a set of old-school, red-and-blue 3D glasses on the model and asking her to work it like it's 1987...

But still, a fun idea is a fun idea:

"It's almost as if you could reach out and touch the model... 
But please don't. She's temperamental and hasn't eaten today."

Disoriented by the futuristic third dimension, our model takes a tumble.
(Obviously, they're still working out some the kinks in this new fashion-phase...)

I love this.

I mean, why bother going out to see a brilliant 3D movie like "Toy Story 3" when you can instead sit in the comfort of your own home and get your "open-mouth gaze" on with a fashion rag?

And if you say something like "plot" or "depth of emotion," I implore you to take another look at that second shot...

Truly heart-breaking.

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  1. these are awesome garth :) well done! Emma E