Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rose Petal's Pumps

If you've never heard of the fabulous, late 80's cartoon "Rose Petal Place," let me give you a basic rundown.

A little girl had a garden full of beautiful flowers, but her parents forced her to move away from her home. On moving day, while saying her goodbyes to her floral friends, and shed a single tear on her favorite flower: the pink rose.

That tear was so full of love and joy, Rose Petal was born. A short time after birth, Rose Petal spread her animated seed (via the tear drop on her head, seen above) to the rest of the flowers of the garden. This act created a living, breathing, and singing community of fashionable, beautiful flower-girls.

... Uh, yeah. That's the kind of crap that I watched as a four year old...

(Is it really any wonder, then, that we find ourselves here today?)

Anyway, the reason I bring up my old friend is that French photographer Michel Tcherevkoff has used his photographic (and Photoshopic) skills to create a series of images that would have made Rose Petal slap a palm to her forehead, clutch her dew-drop necklace, and fall to the floor.

"Shoe Fleur":

Michel created these lovely, delicate images by taking actual photographs of flowers and plants and physically shaping and forming them into platforms, wedges, pumps, and gladiator sandals.

Of course, he later fired up the trusty old Photoshop for finishing touches and details, but seriously, these are some fantastic feats of imagination.

... Um, Rose Petal?

Get your booty up off the ground, pull out your sunflower-seed cellphone, and give his ass a call!

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