Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cushioned Construction

Taking this image at first glance, it's difficult to tell what exactly designer Christopher Daniel is trying to pull with his "Vuzzle Chair," a piece of furniture comprised of 59 cushion cells, held together by neodymium magnets.

... The Huh?

I mean, it's a cube.

Do you sit on top of it? Behind it? On the floor next to it?

... No, my friends. None of the above.

Check it out:

By physically dismantling the cushion-cube, you can actually create an ass-appropriate crater in which to sit!

Uh. Mazing.

And it comes in a variety of styles!

Now naturally, my heart immediately must go out to the unfortunate house guest whose ass causes the entire chair to just burst into 59 pieces of cushioned humiliation upon impact...

And I shudder just thinking about the akwardness that would ensue:

"Oh... my God. I'm sorry. No, don't worry about piecing it back together. I'll just take this piece here and... connect it to this other piece here... There! I think I can sit comfortably on this... little thing I just created... You know, I think I'll skip dinner tonight."

This chair is like an Iron Maiden for one's self-esteem.

... I. Need. It.

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