Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fox-y Mannequin

For the June/July issue of Interview Magazine, photographer Craig McDean shot Megan Fox, donning an "Uma-in-Pulp-Fiction" black bob wig, posing with a similarly-coiffed mannequin.

And of course, when I say "posing," I mean "assuming numerous sexual positions."

... But for why, you ask?

Umm, because she's Megan Fox: a woman whose hotness is so transcendent that even a simple mannequin vaguely resembling her is worthy of kama sutra-like displays of affection... or something.

I, for one, am just glad that she's actually doing something slightly editorial for a change, rather than just being hosed-down while chewing on her bottom lip like it's a Ziploc bag full of Tang.

Anyway, let us begin our journey through the greatest love story of our time:

"The Fox and the Mannequin"

First-Encounter Jitters: Where to put your hands?
(A particularly vexing question when one's arms are locked in place.)

The First Move is Made: 
Megan: "Let's watch a movie... While you're naked... And unable to turn to face the television. It'll be fun."

Getting Down to Business: 
Megan: "This part is really scary... it involves detachable prosthetic limbs. Don't look."

 Megan Oversteps Her Bounds:
Megan: "I find you very attractive."
Mannequin: "WTF?"

A Sea Change: 
Mannequin: "I'm just gonna grab my gloves and bracelet and get out of here... Btw, you ruined my hair with that crazy shit you just pulled."
 Megan (in Desperation-Mode): "Wait! Just lie down with me for a while..."

 Awkwardness Prevails:
Megan: "... I think I love you."
Mannequin: "... WTF?" 

But In the End,  
Love Conquers All
 Megan: " Have you ever seen the movie, 'Misery'?"

Something tells me that Nordstrom is gonna be minus a window display this coming Monday...

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    Megan: "... I think I love you."
    Mannequin: "... WTF?"