Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Study Session With The Glamazons from "Popular"

(Bear in mind, this episode aired in 1999...)

 Mary Cherry: "Okay, Popita. I made flash cards. Now, tell me what the word means cuz we're being tested in Bio on definitions."

Poppy Fresh: "Paramecium... (ugh, that's a hard one)... is an algae-based..."

Mary Cherry: "Boo! Sorry, ding-a-ling, it's a single-cell... Moving on and praying hard for ya..."

Poppy Fresh: "*Gasp!* I know this one! Gay, fabulously successful head designer for Gucci!"

Mary Cherry: "Ooh, ding-ding-ding! Very good!"

Nicole: "Okay, hi, that's not gonna be on the test!"

Mary Cherry: "... Well it should be."

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