Saturday, July 31, 2010

"I Call Karl Lagerfeld!"

That's what I predict will be repeatedly shouted (by me) if these new, designer Monopoly pieces catch on with the general public.

... Can you imagine?

Having Karl Lagerfeld's scowling little face as your playing piece?

The Thimble and the little Terrier won't know what hit 'em!

(... A tiny metal handglove or pack of cigs would be my first guesses.)

Nah, I'm just joking.

In reality, this is the first of three new pendants, from French jewelry brand Nous Sommes, that are meant to immortalize some of pop culture's most recognizable faces.

The other two?

The Lady
Lookin' like a victim of domestic violence with that swollen nose and a pair of " denial sunglasses."

The King
With a dead-behind-the-eyes expression and fake grin plastered on his face... 
(In other words: eerily accurate.)

But really, if those three were actually entering the Monopoly playing board, I get the feeling that all of the other pieces would roll their eyes, throw their hands up, and quit that bitch.

(Nobody likes to share the spotlight... especially not with three celebs of questionable sanity.)

Still though, I'd be more than happy to wear that Lagerfeld pendant around my neck! 

Tiny Karl would totally act as my own personal guard-dog, scaring away any snooty gays with a single, steely glance. 


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